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The coolest cars of the 1970s  

The most incredible collection of cars ever Only 15 Pagna Zonda R vehicles have ever been produced and ... 

Cars Crack Ice - Fall into frozen lake

Just read a clip about a bunch of cars that parked on the ice on a frozen lake. Cars broke ice fell thru. 10 cars destroyed.    This kind of stuff makes you realize just how ignorant the human race really is. One of the car owners said people park all the time on the ice like that. Like that somehow ... 

Shelby GT 350

Cant wait to test drive the new Shelby GT 350!  

Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type - gotta love this car.      That's the convertible. This car is less than $100K. It's fast and it's sexy. I want one. Anybody out there own one of these? Are they reliable cars?      


There was a Maserati display at the mall my wife and I visited last weekend for dinner. I just assumed an Italian sports car like that would be way out of my league. You know - if I win the lottery...   I checked out and those cars are not all that pricy. Well, $130k or so. Still, that's ... 

TESLA - cool car or overpriced?

Our CEO just bought a new TESLA. He had a charging station installed in his house for it.  Are these TESLA cars super cool or just over-priced toys?