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Stylish Masks But they all sold ... 

Nature/s Jewelry  

Eastern Serenity This ring is fabulous      

Tte LOOK  

Uno Alla Volta  

THE MET Store  

Uncommon goods

I received this catalog and was amazed with it! How many uncommon gift  ideas! So decided to share it, if somebody needs any gift for the Holliday season - here you go!  I like this   Wine Soaps - Set of 4 ... 


Victorian Trading

Look what I found! So unusual and chic decor items! WOW!  

Creation L I liked few tops over there, just dropping the link here to have another look , if I decide on the purchase   

Boston Proper

Styles for upcoming events!  

Etienne Aigner

Couple years ago I bought very nice and  sweet  shoes of this brand, they were  stylish and so comfortable - you don't need to break them in. I was looking for the same style this season everywhere  - could find it , so keeping the link to their site just in case. Who ... 

Country Door

Home decor and furniture. I had quick look thru their catalog  and I actually liked some ideas - interesting and unusual solutions Enjoy!!!   

Ross+Simons Jewelry! Valentine's Day is coming!  Let your honeys treat you the right way with the right gifts - not only heart shaped  chocolate boxes        


Overpriced footwear! Everything is around $150- $250! Maybe their shoes are super comfortable? Enjoy! BTW they have clearance now.  

Derby Hats   

Etsy Shops With Antique Engagement Rings  


I have run into few website with dresses on sale  

GOURSUCH Lovely looks but really pricey for me at least!  Fabulous Furs looks like sale  now ! Blond, poolgirl, are you  into this kinda stuff ?  

Fabulous Furs Really beautiful collection of fur coats  - but it is all faux  - looks warm but will not keep you warm during the  cold weather. Very cute coats for kids. I am thinking about buying one foer my girl - cannot make up my mind though  Like this ... 

Paula Young

Wigs collection, extensions, volumizers - with all holidays and parties coming up this could come in handy Have fun, guys!  

Egyptian Style Sofa?

Hey, guys! Does anybody know where to buy Egyptian style sofa?    

Crate&Barrel I actually like pumpkin candles and this one  

Viva Terra

And two more with home decor and boring expensive outfits.  

PURE Collection

There are more sites for you guys! I don't like any of them - not my style. Enjoy!  


Another one. The same idea  


Two more catalogs. I didn't like any of them. Enjoy! Styles are not so bad , but really overpriced plus hand wash almost everything  


Another catalog with the website. Enjoy!    

Bass Pro Shops

Got catalog, liked few items - not that expensive too. Hm, according to their website  it's mainly  camping, fishing, hunting outfits. Well, maybe somebody likes outdoor activity and will get some use out of it. I like one sweater  in this catalog but ... 

DHC I never tried their product before, they are keep send me catalogs with free samples. I probably will try one day. Blond, do you know something about them? How was your dry shampoo?   

WrapLondon  I've got catalog in the mail, didn't check it out yet. Gotta go now.  


I ran into this website with all kinda lipsticks ! It ia so COOL! Like this one    Entourage  What about this one?   Frog Prince ... 

Where to Shop, Eat, Drink, and Relax in Paris  

Jollychic I didn't shop at this site, just saw advertisement , didn't have chance to check it out - so , I 'm saving it for later before I forgot  the name. Enjoy, guys!  


  They keep sending me their catalogs and I  keep looking at them, to be honest I don't like anything - not my styles, too much color that not going together really well and very overprices.    It's just me, maybe somebody likes This dress is ... 

Brylane Home Home decor and furniture  

The Coolest Interior Design Store ABC Carpet & Home  


I will add my five cents. I didn't look at this site yet but I am going to when I have chance.    

The Pyramid Collection There are some strange outfits, may work like a Halloween  costume. I was really confused with another thing. What in the world is  that???,3128&T1=P39623 His and Hers???  I ... 

Home Decorators The same - furniture, home decor  

Grandinroad Home decor and furniture - maybe somebody needs it or maybe me  

Nine West

What do you think guys, about  these sweet pumps:,default,pd.html?variantSizeClass=&variantColor=JJGD9A2_1&cgid=8346252&prefn1=catalog-id&prefv1=ninewest-catalog Alice, postgirl? or ... 

J. Crew

One more Got catalog in my junk mail, looked thru couple pages only. Will save here for later review I think they have few decent styles worth looking at  

Soft Surroundings the same story - was looking into their catalogs and looking... and looking without any shopping.  Then decided to try!  And I shop with them now , love their products I bought  mainly tops - tunics; all the time going one size down  ... 

Sundance Catalog Clothing and jewelry. I did not buy anything yet on their website  but keep watching and thinking. Myself I like their jewelry selections  more their  outfits. Although some I ... 

Peruvian Connection OMG! Love this dress! Sweet!!! and this one too!!! SOLANGE ... 

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