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Sophie Turner Tries Goat Yoga  

Serena Williams Twinning With Daughter Olympia  

Figure Skating 2020

World Figure Skating Championship 2020 in Montreal!  

Serena Williams is pregnant  

2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Watching this. Capitals have to be the favorite. Maybe Ducks on the West? Stars and Caps are too obvious. Never happen. Odds are one of them will choke. So let's say either Caps / Ducks or Stars and a New York team. I'd love to see the Caps win it. The Great 8 deserves to have his name written on the Lord ... 

17 Celebrities With Stealth Fitness Moves        Serena Williams Photo: Courtesy of ... 

March Madness 2016

My bracket has NORTH CAROLINA winning it all. GO ACC The PAC-12 teams were almost all knocked out in upsets in the first round. Only Oregon remains (for now) The BIG TEN is getting crushed as well.   

A New Documentary on Serena Williams  

Djokovic and Serena will win Australian Open

Who can stop Serena? She on a roll. Nobody with any firepower is left. Yeah Radwanska is hot (winning - and she's kinda cute too) but Serena is the machine that cannot be stopped.    Steffie Graf has 22 slams. Serena on a mission to tie her. She passed Navratilova and Chrissie Evert (both won ... 

SuperBowl 50

Why not SuperBowl L ??? They been doing the roman number thing since I can remember and that was like V or VI. Now we get to 50 and they say 50 not L. whats up with that??? they did V and X. why not L ?????  

Ovechkin is cleaning the snow (VIDEO) Ovechkin Spotted Getting Gas To Plow Neighbors' Driveways; Is Unafraid Of Blizzard Because "We're From Russia"  

Tennis match fixing

Evidence of suspected match-fixing revealed  

Beamer leaves Va Tech

The winningest coach in college football, legendary Frank Beamer of Va Tech, is stepping down. Is this good or bad news for Va Tech fans?   I argue this is good news and here's why: Frank Beamer was a cornerback when he played football himself. He always had a defense-first mindset that guided his ... 

Working Out With Victoria’s Secret Model (VIDEO)

The 5-Step Guide to Flat Abs Enjoy!  

The Best Dressed at Wimbledon  

Wimbledon 2015

I predict reigning champion Djokovic will lose the title. It's about time for Federer to win another one. Pass the crown dJoker ....  

Roland Garros

So who's gonna win the mens this year? Nadal and dJoker will face off in the Quarterfinals this year if they're both still in it! Is that crazy or what. There is nobody but Berdych between Federer and another final at the French Open this year. Will dJoker knock off Rafa? Will Murray? Will Federer be too ... 

'World Cup of fraud'

  U.S. charges officials; tournament bidding 'corrupted' FIFA corruption probe targets 'World Cup of fraud,' IRS chief says    

Stanley Cup

Anybody watching Stanley Cup playoffs? My team was out a long time ago. I don't care who wins. still fun to watch. I think ANAHEIM DUCKS gonna win the cup this year.  

Stretching from Alina Kabaeva

Guys, there are some exercises from Alina Kabaeva  - some crazy moves she is doing like stretching using two chairs. WOW!!! Sometimes I wondering how human body can do things like that? Does anybody wants to try?   Enjoy! It's really ... 

Serena Williams’s Best Looks Off the Courts This one I like  

Is Roger Federer quitting?

I heard some guys at the grocery store today saying Federer had announced his retirement but I cannot find anything about that on the web. I heard wrong right?   

Superbowl IL

Who's going to win SuperBowl IL ??? All the bye teams look to be wrapping up wins at home today. You have to like Denver and Seattle to make the big show.  

The Best Pole Dance

Miss pole dance - Australia 2008 - Felix Winner I decided to post it in sport as well- she is so athletic   She is great!   

College Football - Playoff

Would someone please tell me exactly what is this playoff thing they got on college football?  

US Open was FIXED

I was at the US Open Men's semifinals this weekend and i'm telling you that farce was FIXED It was like dJoker was just standing around hitting the ball into the net - pretending to be caught wrong-footed over and over.  Then Fed gets out there and keeps on hitting it deep and into the net. Come ... 


NOBODY can stop ROGER from winning the US OPEN this year. Andy is injured and both Juan Martin and Rafa are sittin this one out.  Take the champions walk ONE MORE TIME ROGER !!!!! GO BABY !!!!!  

Tennis- Roger Cup

Venus Williams made it to the final at Rogers Cup in Montreal! WOW!  

Sean Avery

This guy kinda fun to watch. What do you think? Cool video too and song is right to the place!!! Sean Avery. Born To Raise Hell  

2014 US Open

I'm going to the Men's Semi-finals this year. Woohoo!  Any predictions on who's gonna be there? I'm banking on another dJoker / Federer semi showdown!  

Wimbledon - Men

I predicted FEDERER would win another. Looks like I was right so far ...  

Wimbledon - Women

With all the top players out like Sharapova, Serena, Azarenka - I thought the ladies' singles play would get lame. But I just watched the Halep / Bouchard semi and that is some AWESOME tennis. I'm enjoying this year whole lot more than last few years. I hope Bouchard wins it!  


Who's gonna win it this year on the man's side? I say its time for ROGER to wina nother one!! GO RODGE!  

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova won in Madrid  

Indian Wells

The PNB Paribas open at Indian Wells has just started. The first round kicked off today. Sharapova won it last year on the ladies side. Can't remember who won on the men's side - was it Rafa? I predict the Djoker will win it this year. And Serena.   

Sochi 2014 Figure Skating

Johnny Weir is a figure skating analist at this Olimpics. He retired in October 2013 His free program  in Vancouver limpics 2010   Really beatiful perfomance!   This one is Fashion on Ice 2011. It's ... 


Did anyone watch the USA / Russia hockey game this morning? Russia has so much star power I was afraid that they'd blow out the USA - especially on home ice. But the USA held their own. The USA won it 3-2 in a shootout. Wow. It doesn't get any closer than that. Or any more exciting!  

Sochi 2014 - Pluschenko would have WON GOLD

I really think that Pluschenko would have won GOLD if he'd skated this time around. The leaders were all dropping and making mistakes. All Pluschenko had to do was get out there and put together a clean skate with a quad or two and he would've stolen the show - and the GOLD.   

Hats off to Pluschenko Sochi 2014

The old man won Gold for Russia. That guy is OLD for the Olympics. He still went out on the ice to win Gold for his country. Hats off to you Pluschenko! You're still the man!  

NFL Playoffs

Who's your pick to win Super Bowl XLVIII ??? Mine? The Carolina Panthers! 

Florida State

Florida State wrapped up the BCS era in style, breaking the SEC stranglehold on the BCS National Championship Game. Imagine that - it took an ACC team to finally dethrone the SEC!      

Australian Open

Nadal and Serena are the # 1 seeds, but Djokovic won it 3 years in a row and Azarenka won it last 2 years. Why they are not #1 seeds? What is wrong with tennis? Is Murray going to be there or not? My money's on the Djoker to make it 4 years in a row. I'm not feeling so good about Azarenka though. It'll be some ...