Djokovic and Serena will win Australian Open
Wed, Jan 27, 2016 7:48 PM

Who can stop Serena? She on a roll. Nobody with any firepower is left. Yeah Radwanska is hot (winning - and she's kinda cute too) but Serena is the machine that cannot be stopped. 


Steffie Graf has 22 slams. Serena on a mission to tie her. She passed Navratilova and Chrissie Evert (both won 18) last year when she won the Australian Open for her 19th slam. She'll tie steffie this year when she wins again.


On the mens side the dJoker will wins his 6th straight AO title. Nobody has won 6 slam titles in a row in the open era. Not Federer not Nadal. Nadal has 9 Roland Garros titles but they came as 4 then 5 with Federer winning his only RG title the year Soderling took out Nadal in the early rounds. 


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