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7 discoveries prove Einstein was right about the universe

7 discoveries that prove Einstein was right about the universe — and 1 that proves him wrong  

NASA's helicopter discovers 'alien' wreckage on Mars  

Cosmonaut brains get 'rewired' in space  

Earth's Insides Are Cooling Faster Than We Thought  

30 theories about what happens when you die  

Quantifying the psychopathic stare  

Coronavirus COVID-19

Doctors keep discovering new ways the coronavirus attacks the body  

Astronomers detect biggest explosion in the universe

Astronomers detect biggest explosion in the history of the universe   International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research   

Age of Jupiter  

Looking at Earth From Trappist-1  

Christ's Burial Place Exposed for First Time

Restorers working in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Israel uncover stone slab venerated as the resting place of Jesus Christ.   

Ring-Shaped Geoglyphs Found Near Ancient Town in Peru     One of the complex circular geoglyphs the team mapped at Quilcapampa, in the Sihuas Valley in Peru, has at least six rings arranged in an irregular pattern. Credit: Photo courtesy Justin ... 


Guys, look at the website I  ran into ! for those who loves space and planets could be very interesting  

'Van Gogh' Mummy Found in Spanish Church    

Math question

Math question meant for 10-year-olds stumps parents   

Exercise improves memory, scientists prove

Exercise triggers brain cell growth and improves memory, scientists prove   

Earliest handwritten 'notepad' unearthed in London

Discovery of 410 wooden tablets gives glimpse into life of city's first Romans Read more: Follow us: ... 

When are Natural and Urban Environments Restorative?  

15-year-old claims to have discovered a forgotten Mayan City

William Gadoury from Quebec found location of Mayan cities match stars Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on ... 

Cinema audiences reproducibly vary the chemical composition

Cinema audiences reproducibly vary the chemical composition of air during films, by broadcasting scene specific emissions on breath   

150 year old can of turtle soup found

  150 year old can of turtle soup found at Delft excavation  

Samsung is working on smart contact lenses

Samsung is working on smart contact lenses, patent filing reveals   

Pyramid Interior Revealed Using Cosmic Rays View Related Gallery » A 3-D cutaway shows the interior of the Bent Pyramid.  

NEW PLANET IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM; and here Astronomers say a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond ... 

Super Earthquake is imminent !!!

Ran across this article on New Yorker about the subduction zone that runs along the west coast of the USA. When (not if) this things rips again all hell will break loose ... scary    

How Facebook Inc is Trying to Read Your Mind

People get more out of information on a mobile phone than a TV, and watching television forces the brain to work harder to combat distractions. “Our physical closeness to the mobile screen has shifted our perception of the size of the device,” says Helen Crossley, the head of audience insights for ... 

Active volcanism on Venus

  Active volcanism on Venus in the Ganiki Chasma rift zone  

Dipolar Gas Chilled to Near Zero

The cooling of strongly dipolar molecules to their absolute ground state has opened the possibility of creating new forms of matter. Ultracold Dipolar Gas of Fermionic Na 23 K 40   Molecules in Their Absolute ... 

Physical Anomalies as a Window into Pedophilia

Minor Physical Anomalies as a Window into the Prenatal Origins of Pedophilia   

Birth Month Affects Lifetime Disease Risk

 An individual’s birth month has a significant impact on the diseases they develop during their lifetime.      

Does the Higgs Boson spell doom for String Theory?

I remember seeing a documentary about M Theory - a version of String Theory - that had finally combined the large and small into a single unified theory of physics - the long-sought holy grail of astro-physics. It needs 11 dimensions and nothing actually exists. That's nice to know - that I don't actually ...