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16 Facts About Squirrels  

Scientists rank the mammals the best human companions  

Can you spot the leopard cub's face?  

Cheetah "Threesome"  

Rare white koala

Internet falls in love with rare white koala joey with no name  

Wonderful chipmunk

Wonderful chipmunk can't decide whether it wants in or out of its food  video  

Rare white African lion born at Texas zoo The white lion cub is just a few days old. (Photo: Ellen Trout Zoo, Facebook) An African lion was born at a Texas zoo last week looking much different than usual – it was white. Ellen ... 

Raccoons Form Furry Chain To Help Baby Over Wall

It’s like a raccoon special forces training video.   

'Diva' Cat Roxana uses Photoshop to create extraordinary fake eyelashes for Read more: ... 

Sky Cat Adorable!!!  more about this cat  

Star Wars pug parade    

A Cat And Her Living Shadow

A Cat And Her Living Shadow Are Freaking The Internet Out  

Princess Kate - The Royal Family Has a Hamster,,20395222_21004271,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A  

Farmer adopts stray 'puppy' but it turns to be a bear The farmer nursed the animal back to health - but it turned out to be a bear  

Jurassic Park for Tortoise

It is so cool!!!    

Yoda Cat

This Cat Weirdly Looks Like Yoda From ‘Star Wars’ Christian County Animal Shelter   

'Pirate cat'

With only one eye, Wesley the kitten spent months in an animal shelter, unwanted. But now, he has a loving new home in Iowa - and has even gained Internet stardom. Read more: ... 

Another Grumpy Cat

She is not upset         

Mother tiger gives her cub a good clean

PICTURES   Tired of washing, the cub began jumping up to its mother, affectionately  Read more: ... 

Rescued pit bull loves his tiny kitten (Picture: Instagram/bubbalovesrue)    

Adorable baby koala

Adorable baby koala exploring world outside mother's pouch in Australia is online hit        

The Prettiest Cat In The World       Video    

Cat with eyes of differing color very beautiful cat !  


Adorable parrot!    

First Dog Cafe Set to Open in the U.S. The United States's first dog cafe is set to open on April 7 in Silver Lake, California. Rightly called The Dog Cafe, the venue is sure to be an adorable attraction — a place for canine enthusiasts ... 

Echidna Pugsley guzzles water during heatwave

An echidna named Pugsley has been filmed by zoo staff guzzling down water during Sydney's recent hot spell. The 20-second clip shows the spiny anteater at Taronga Zoo taking a drink from a large container before getting down onto her belly for a rest. Read more: ... 

This pig really DOES fly!

Hamlet the hog, who provides comfort to his nervous owner at 30,000 feet Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on ... 

Hedgehog Hogzilla Has Been Put on a Diet

Poor little hedgehog Hogzilla has been put on a diet because he’s too fat to curl into a ball Read more: ... 

Goat in the car (VIDEO)      

Cat With Blue Eyes Takes Flawless Selfies

Cat With Blue Eyes And Natural Winged Eyeliner Takes Flawless Selfies  The cat is so adorable!      

Raccoon Steals Donut  

15 adorable animals of 2015 (Picture: Twitter/ Tim Beshara) (Picture: Instagram)  

A Squirrel Makes Himself At Home In The Christmas Tree

Check this out, guys! It is so cute! Couple Rescues A Squirrel And He Makes Himself At Home In Their Christmas Tree HuffPostGoodNews ‏@goodnews 2h2 hours ... 

The 38 Most Awkward Cats Of 2015  

How Is It Possible??? Birds!

Check this out! It is so amazing! Birds are sunbathing on the hood of the car!  

These seal lovers use FaceTime to stay in touch Not even 160 miles can come between these two. Image: Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park  

Kangaroo Was Taking A Swim In A Backyard Pool (VIDEO)

This Kangaroo Was Caught On Camera Casually Taking A Swim In A Backyard Pool View this image › Amy Garraway View this image › Amy Garraway  

Honeymooners capture huge black bear sneaking into car

Honeymooners capture huge black bear sneaking into car and playing inside before scaring itself with horn  

Cat Moggy Has 26,000 Followers on Instagram

Moggy who can’t stop sticking out his tongue becomes a social media celebrity with 26,000 followers on Instagram Read more: Follow us: ... 

Cat Dracula! (Photos)

Adopted cat Loki has long front teeth which give her the appearance of a vampire  

How Smart are SQUIRRELS ???

I found this article and found it interesting as well as quite factual based on what i've seen: link:   Animal Intelligence   While a squirrel isn’t going to pen the next bestseller or ace a calculus class, the squirrel is smart ... 

Alien - Cat

This kitty has very rare eye disease that makes her look like an alien. Kitty Matilda became very popular  on internet.!photo=0    

Wild Chimpanzees Drinking Beer from the Trees

ethanol ingestion by wild chimpanzees using leaf-sponges   

Firefighters respond to calls for 'Help!' from two PARROTS

VIDEO Firefighters respond to calls for 'Help!' in burning home - from two PARROTS Two parrots were home alone when a fire erupted in Boise, Idaho Started calling 'Help!' and 'Fire!', crew thought they were human voices Both were pulled from the wreckage and treated with ... 

Panda Dog

How do you like this dog? I think it is on the wierd side  

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