Brabo Restaurant - Alexandria VA
Sun, May 17, 2015 3:01 PM

For my birthday my wife took me to the restaurant of my choice and this year I decided on Brabo in Old Towne Alexandria, not far from where we live.

My love for Brabo dates back a few years. My wife and I took the Metro (subway) in DC to Old Towne Alexandria. The plan was to walk around old town and just pop in an out of shops. We were making our way eastward towards the bank of the Potomac when hunger got the best of us. We were scanning for food. Neither of us cared for the fast options. There was a row a tables outside in an alley covered with white tablecloths. That was an invitation neither of us could refuse under the circumstances. I had already accepted the fact we'd most likely have to settle for hot dogs or a burger with fries. To my surpise I was served the best duck breast i've ever tasted and my wife had one of the tastiest seafood dishes either of us had ever experienced. The name of the restaurant was Brabo. That name stuck in my head.

When my next birthday rolled around and I was given the choice of restaurant for my birthday celebration I chose Brabo. Our dinner was superb. This past week for my birthday dinner I repeated this selection for the third time. I was not disappointed. We both had duck breast that was perfectly prepared. The atmosphere was seclusive and private, a quiet venue and the meal was among the best i've ever had. 

If you're ever in Alexandria make it a point to stop by Brabo and check out the menu. 

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Fri, May 22, 2015 6:30 PM

My wife takes me out on my birthday she picks the place it's her gift right? I pick place when her birthday. same difference

Fri, May 22, 2015 7:08 PM

 Is it  Brabo you are talking about ?

Fri, May 22, 2015 7:10 PM