The rift inside the GOP exposed by TRUMP
Sun, Mar 6, 2016 4:59 PM

Love him. Hate him. Does not matter. He may win the GOP presidential nomination. He may not. Regardless, he has exposed a huge problem within the GOP: the party does not represent its electorate. Many would argue the same is true for the other party as well but we'll leave that for another thread. This one will focus on the GOP and just how far away the party has diverged from the ideals of the voters it needs to stay in power or gain more of it.


During the early years of this new millenium the Koch brothers starting pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into political PACs with many diferent names - all designed to push America to the right. Far right. They advocate lower taxes, especially for the highest earners, elimination of all regulations at the federal level and privatization of everything government including entitlement programs. The only part of the federal government they wish to see expand is the military. They have hired marketing specialists and designed systems for target marketing their flavor of politics at everyone. They have developed a system for controlling the governments at all levels that involves identifying potential candidates (puppets that can be controlled), developing them (grooming them to be puppet politicians) and getting them elected. Once they have their puppets in place they use them to effectively hijack the government they have infiltrated. 


Government shutdowns, gridlock and never-ending Obama-bashing are business as usual for their puppets. Today, their puppets control the House and most of the Senate. They want the White House badly, VERY VERY badly. The chosen puppet is Marco Bubio. He has agreed to give them everything they want and nothing they do not. They want him to be the next President of the USA. They pay lip service to the voters as they pursue an agenda that runs contrary to the needs of the voters that support them.


In 2012, Mitt Romney essentially did exactly what Trump is doing this time around. He was not the chosen puppet. But the Koch brothers could agree on most things with him. They were not against him so they eventually got behind him. In 2012, the Romney campaign learned that winning primaries was easy: whenever another candidate starting rising in the polls above Romney they would run attack ads against that candidate in the days before the primary in each state. It worked. Romney gained the nomination. It did not get him into the White House though. 


Looking at what the political right has turned into it's rather sad. America is filled with honest, hard-working Americans who genuinely believe in conservatism and God and America. The party that pretends to represent those things clearly does not. All they stand for is making absolutely certain that the rich and powerful STAY rich and powerful. Everything else is just a distraction to them. The voters are not as stupid as the Koch brothers and they're rich freinds would prefer. The voters on the right have watched long enough as the politicians they elect do nothing more than pay lip service to the things they believe in. The right is angry. VERY angry. And Donald Trump has exposed this.


The takeover of the political right and eventually America itself was supposed to work. The plan can ignore voter angst as long as the elites doing the taking over are able to control the candidates. Voters can chose which puppet they want dangled in front of them. It doesn't matter how angry they get with any particular puppet by definition they're each quite disposable and replaceable with another puppet just like them. 


But voters on the right are waking up and realizing this. The takeover plan fails if candidates that the Koch brothers do not select make it to the ticket. Voters will have the opportunity to chose someone that is not a puppet of the 1%. In this case he is a part of the 1% he's just not as concerned about the GOP as he is America (or so he claims). 


Whether the Donald makes it to the White House or not - his candidacy has opened a lot of eyes. Hopefully the 1% realizes that the voters can and will revolt. Hopefully the voters on the right can see now how much they've been mis-represented and manipulated by a party that no more represents them than they do seals in Antarctica. The GOP knows that as long as they appear to be a better choice than the candidate on the left they can become quite despicable and get away with it. Hopefully for everyone this gamble will fail. Hopefully the voters on the right will send a message to the Koch brothers and the GOP: this is OUR party - give it back!

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